The Best Years of Our Lives

He Watches Over Us As He Walks Away
March 21, 2010, 3:30 pm
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February 4, 2010

He is an all right sort. He does not let you know what you do not need to know and he does not let you know anything. There is no need to know basis because he does not know so what is there to know after all.

He is an odd sort. He tells you to stop writing and listen to what he saying when he is talking to you. When he is talking to you he wants you to write things down as it is important to remember what he says.

He is a quiet sort. He does not want to hear what is contradictory or what is inconsistent from others. He does not want to tell you what where how when how much or anything like that as you should know.

He is a wanton sort. He has had enough of all of this and that is that and all that and he wants guidance and supervision and instruction and accountability and he wants none of it to ever happen all at the same time.

He is a wondrous sort.

No he is not.

Not really.



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This reminds me of Tony to a degree, though he would say it doesn’t. LOL

Comment by J

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