The Best Years of Our Lives

No Use No More
March 28, 2010, 9:07 pm
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February 8, 2010

It’s all there exactly as we left it only now its all in boxes faded and priced to sell.
It served me well when I needed it and it served us each as it was made to do.
It’s missing something or marred a bit, but it’ll go well.
Just throw it away.

It’s all there arranged as I left them only now the walls are gone and the rain pours in.
It served me well when I needed it and it did just what it was supposed to do.
It’s an eyesore or a living rotting work of art I suppose.
Just burn it down.

It’s all there somewhere as I remember it being, but it only comes out just all wrong.
It’s served me well when I needed it and they do what I wanted them to do.
It’s my brain playing tricks on me as I say the exact same things.
Just bury me.


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Enjoyed this poem…I wrote one with a similar theme but quite differernt in structure…thanks for sharing this.

Comment by slpmartin

Thank you. Which poem of yours is it – so I can visit?

Comment by vinovinylveritas

I love the idea of letting go those things that have served us well, because we recognize that their use has come to an end. I need to employ that more in my own life.

Comment by J

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