The Best Years of Our Lives

He Watches Over Us As He Walks Away
March 21, 2010, 3:30 pm
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February 4, 2010

He is an all right sort. He does not let you know what you do not need to know and he does not let you know anything. There is no need to know basis because he does not know so what is there to know after all.

He is an odd sort. He tells you to stop writing and listen to what he saying when he is talking to you. When he is talking to you he wants you to write things down as it is important to remember what he says.

He is a quiet sort. He does not want to hear what is contradictory or what is inconsistent from others. He does not want to tell you what where how when how much or anything like that as you should know.

He is a wanton sort. He has had enough of all of this and that is that and all that and he wants guidance and supervision and instruction and accountability and he wants none of it to ever happen all at the same time.

He is a wondrous sort.

No he is not.

Not really.



The Day She Quit
February 26, 2010, 8:54 pm
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January 29, 2010

Everyone could see it coming. It surprised no one, but everyone acted so shocked. She left her office and then went back into her office. She shut her door instantaneously. He left his office and went right into her office and did not shut the door behind him. He told her that it was her fault. Then he asked her what she was doing. He then told her that they had made a deal. Then he recounted everything as he remembered it. He asked her several pointed questions and as she was just beginning to formulate a response he dismissed her by brushing the air with the palm of his hand and by squinting his eyes and moving his body slightly toward the door as if he were about to leave.

They had already discussed this about six weeks ago. Most of us had shrugged it off by now. He watched her leave her office and then go right back into her office. He watched her shut the door. She sits at her desk as her door suddenly opens after the smallest and briefest of knocks. She told him that this was about personality. She told him that she had not signed anything. She told him that this was personal. She told him all that she could before she was dismissed by the breezed caused by the brushing of his hand through the thickening air in her office. The tightening sides of his eyes silenced her as he turned to walk away.