The Best Years of Our Lives

Pt. 2 “Timothy Approaches”
March 28, 2010, 9:06 pm
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February 7, 2010

Tad and I were headed back to his or the “safe” side of the river. Although, he was also just a “come here” in his own right, Tad enjoyed a unique status as a local curiosity. He was a true individualist with a heart of gold and not a judging bone in his body so when he and I were out in the Choking Doberman on his side of the river, we essentially got a free pass. The only problem is that we weren’t on his side of the river. We were still on my side where we enjoyed very few privileges aside from the occasional flirtatious glance from a local girl, but this only added fuel to the fire – I’ll get to that later. For now we were about one half mile from the turn off to the Rassanutten River bridge that connected Chamberlain and Leister counties. We were popping homemade cassettes of our fledgling band in and out of the tape deck when we saw the flickering red of a cherry top coming up fast behind us. With the Doberman in this county in this condition with Tad and I inside, we were in for a long night.

Of course we pulled over. Tad was behind the wheel this time as he was sober and I usually took over only when he had somehow procured alcohol which was not the case tonight. We waited as the large vehicle pulled up behind us and basically blinded us with the high set lights of an overly raised, ridiculously ramped up off road vehicle. Tad and I giggled nervously as we waited. I suppose he was doing a plate check. We had nothing to hide and no reason to scramble so we just sat their waiting for our fate. I swear it must have been about ten minutes. Tad finally turned off the car…

“What the hell are you two doin?”

Was all we heard as we were startled into looking out Tad’s window into the close set eyes of twitchy double barrel shotgun. No lie.