The Best Years of Our Lives

Rattled Your Cup
March 28, 2010, 9:14 pm
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February 9, 2010

i’m not gonna talk to you, i just wanna get some thai food.
don’t judge me, you hear me. i got nothing to say to you.

my mistake, i just thought, well, you know that you were going to ask me for something.

i’m might, but not now. i might, but no, i’m hungry, move.
maybe on the way back i’ll hit you up, no, never mind.

seems like an honest mistake, you were coming right at me, looking at me.

i’m getting my food and not looking at you anymore, let me be.
when I’ve got some thai food, i’ll get energy and then shake rattle my cup.

i drove by you and you didn’t even look at, man, i looked right at you, you just thrust your arm out at the last minute and

rattled your cup.